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    checkers game online

    Helping your website find your readers

    What is Search Success, and how do you Engineer it?

    Search Success is when your website can easily be found by people looking for content like yours. When searchers find your site before your competitor's site. It's much more than just a top ranking in Google for your company name, it's top rankings for a wide range of different search terms on many different search engines. Connecting your content with the people who are looking for it is what the internet is all about.

    It's about making sure all the content you work so hard to develop for your website is 'doing it's job' and drawing relevant traffic into your website. It's about helping you ensure your site works as effectively with search engines as possible, and about helping you plan the most effective content to develop in the future too. It's about helping people who are looking for whatever your website is about find you; your website, your business, service, club or cause.

    Your website represents a large investment of time, effort and money. Engineering the Search Success of your website is an important investment to make sure that your larger investment is yielding productive results for you.

    Sometimes it's the difference between you working for your website, and your website working for you.

    Contact professional search consultant Andrea Goodman to discuss your websites needs

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    Got a question, or an idea for an article? Please contact me with your suggestions: Andrea@


    Search Engine Placement Report

    Discounted service
    Wondering how your website ranks with search engines? Wondering how you stack up against your competition for various keywords? This report will show you how you rank with ten search engines for ten terms. This report is normally a $250.00 service, but will be offered at the discounted rate of $50.00 until the end of March 2021.

    Just send me an email with 'Winter Special' in the subject line and your name, contact information and your website domain name, in the body of your email, along with your top ten keywords or phrases (or you can use the form on the CONTACT page) and I will contact you.

    Email: Andrea@

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    This website was designed and created for Search Success Engineered by Andrea Goodman checkers game online
    Please visit www.agwebservices.com for more information on website design services

    © 2019 Andrea Goodman Search Success Engineered

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